Thursday, February 16, 2012

iAMfashion, the magic of fashion + philanthropy

During a recent trip to North Carolina, I had the privilege of attending the first ever iAMfashion runway show in Greensboro! If you're not familiar with this organization, here's your chance to get acquainted!

Co-founders Joshua Jenkins and Perrine DeShield, both alums of the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, decided to combine a love of fashion and an eagerness to give back to their community in an extraordinary way. One fateful night, they birthed the idea of iAMfashion, a non-profit that would primarily accomplish the following: (1) provide donated clothing to underprivileged sectors throughout North Carolina; (2) instill confidence and promote individualism in those they reach out to; and (3) shine light on the many talented, yet lesser-known North Carolina fashion designers and to give them a platform on which to display their work. 

 Left to right: Perrine, Co-Founder; Treye, Co-Host; Kirstin, Co-Host; Josh, Co-Founder
Picture courtesy of Kirstin's blog (which I love!)

The concept of this non-profit is notable. In a world that seemingly yearns to "fit in," Josh and Perrine encourage people to stand out by being confident in your own skin and in your own style. And they just don't give away donated clothing. They actually become personal stylists to those on the receiving end of their contributions by creating wardrobe packages! These packages consist of a top, a bottom and an accessory piece.

All three components of their mission were fulfilled on February 4th at their runway event. Prior to the fashion show, there was a chance for local (and non-local) vendors to showcase and sell their items. I was fascinated by the variety, rarity, and quality of the pieces! There was food, mingling, and lots of networking! Afterwards, the fashion show began and guests were able to see select pieces from each designer. Unfortunately, I had tons of trouble with my camera and wasn't able to get pics.

Below is a list of vendors that I got a chance to mingle with. Please check out their websites! I can't wait for the next iAMfashion event. Don't forget to follow the organization on twitter: @iAMfashion_gso 

Look at the beautiful t-shirt I bought while speaking with reps from the company. I've only worn it twice and I've gotten so many compliments : ) AND it was only $15. 

If you're from or reside in the DC area, you've probably heard of these girls. Needless to say, their clothes are hot. Being able to finally meet them in person after hearing such good things was great! And of course, seeing their eccentric vintage pieces in person was awesome. Some of the pieces that were available at the event are pictured below (courtesy of their website; click the link to shop for these and other items). 

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