Sunday, January 31, 2010

Life is Juicy.

Life is smiles and laughter. Life is painful and relentless. Life is exploration and observation. Life is random yet oh-so-repetitive. Above all, life is beautiful. With its ups and downs, life is made perfect by adding up all of its imperfections. The sooner one accepts the unwavering sum of life's beauty, the more content they will become.

This is the underlying-- or perhaps evident -- message in Juicy Couture's most recent campaign for Spring 2010: "Do the Dont's." This ultra-successful company encourages consumers to let go of life's conventions and just live. They challenge the norm by using slogans like, "Be Silly," "You can always get what you want," "Show Off," "Spoil Yourself," and "Make a Mess. The backdrop is an eccentric fantasyland with over the top hairdos and costumes.

I love it.

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