Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fashion Inspiration

How great is this pouch?! Marc by Marc Jacobs. Shoes by Sigerson Morrison.

(picture above and below taken from one of my favorite blogs, "Song of Style" by fashionista Aimee Song)

I LOVE this look! It's clean, nicely accessorized and screams summer time!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Product Reviews: SIRCUIT SKIN cosmeceuticals and Laura Geller Makeup

I was very pleased with my June Birchbox! So much that I already ordered full-size versions of two of the samples I loved. These new products will be in my makeup bag for a very long time to come.

First up, the Molecular Mist, Hydrating Moisture Care by SIRCUIT SKIN. This stuff feels amazing. I spray a little on after putting on my moisturizer, right before applying my make up. It creates a soft, smooth surface for my concealer and foundation. After my make up is all done, I spray again to hold the make up in place. It's all natural and serves not only as a moisturizing agent but also as an environmental shield. And even though the company calls it "Heavy Water" because of its D20 complex of ingredients, it actually feels very lightweight. It's also perfect for that dewy look we love during the summer. Try it out!

The other product I fell in love with was Laura Geller's "Blush-N-Brighten" color-correcting blush. I received the blush in "Honey Dipped" which is very golden, perfect for an evening look or if you want to look a little more tan/bronzed (middle). I loved it so much, I bought another, this time in "Pink Grapefruit" which has softer, pink and peach undertones (right). 

NUDE Pumps


I got these pumps about a month ago but never posted a pic of them. I thought they were gorgeous and I needed some nude pumps quick. They're not the Joan and David ones that I wanted (pictured below) but they'll do for now. They're made by Chinese Laundry and I got them from South Moon Under, (The National Harbor location) which has some GREAT stuff. 

Hopefully I'll have THESE by the end of the summer!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Time for a new blazer?

Last week I was in downtown DC shopping. In Zara I saw this beautiful bright pink blazer (for $99, which I thought was a bit much for Zara). I contemplated getting it because the color was so bold and the cut was really nice. But I was hesitant. I tend to be pretty conservative with how much "pop of color" I want in my outfits. Usually it's a blue or yellow clutch or a pink heel or a colorful shirt undermined by a black or white blazer. Something noticeable, but not TOO noticeable. This pink blazer I wanted to get would definitely be noticeable.

Then I saw this on Fashion Chalet while blog surfing...

How beautiful is this blazer? Erika Marie, the blogger pictured above, always takes risks with her pairing of certain colors and prints. Maybe I can use a lesson in pushing the boundaries of my wardrobe color palette. 

So on second thought, a pink blazer.... why not?? Plus... online, the prices of Zara's pink blazers have been reduced! 

The one on the left is now $79 instead of $99 and the one on the right is $59.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Kim K's UK Perfume Launch

How great is this look?!?! These bright colors mesh so well together and the shoes compliment the entire outfit. I immediately recognized the pieces from Gucci Spring 2011. And here's a close up of the shoes...