Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Carey Mulligan and her bra

As I admired Carey's photo on the January 2012 cover of W Mag, I was a little envious of the Nina Ricci cotton bra she's wearing. Not only does it look like she's getting pretty good support, the bra is so fashionable and sexy!

I take a lot of time nowadays picking out the perfect dress, heels, or pair of jeans. But I don't spend much time picking out my unmentionables. The $5 for $25 deal at Victoria's Secret always works out well for me. But now that I'm a year older (I just celebrated my bday on the December 15th!), I feel like I need to step it up in the unmentionable department (one of my new year's resolutions). Not necessarily for a special someone, but for the sake of a mature, sexy, quality wardrobe all around. So, here's my wishlist, underwear edition.... basically it's Chantelle's entire Fall/Winter 2011 Collection.

The Eternelle Set in black (above)

The Masculin Feminin Set in cappuccino (below)  

Saturday, December 10, 2011

LOVE this!!!

make sure you follow the creator of this innovative campaign on twitter; her blog is wonderful! --> @seventhdistrict

wish list

Yes, I would love a bike. Specifically this one. Event though, I'm not certain that I can actually ride one anymore. (from Public)

Saw this in Georgetown one Saturday... Rag & Bone = amazingness. Need I say more?

A super cute yellow skirt I saw on Rouche! Who knew eco-friendly clothing could be so lovely? And it's only $34!!

$50 gets you all of those colors + an application brush. They're currently out of stock but will hopefully be restocking soon. With this collection of colors you will truly be able to get that "makeup but no makeup" look.

A Tribute to "A Christmas Story"

"Those Ralphie hats are back in style!" 
- my mother

As we were walking around downtown DC today, my mother and I saw at least 10 people with "Ralphie hats" on. And I'm sure only those of you who are true fans of A Christmas Story, got the allusion right away (see below). 

I love these hats and the crazy patterns and bright colors that oftentimes come with them. I wore them back in the 90s as a little kid and I'm not ashamed to say that I sport them now... all the time. Did they actually ever go out of style? If they did, I may have missed the memo.

Bronson hat from Rag&Bone

(P.S. I can't wait to get a cup of hot chocolate, put on my most comfortable pajamas, and sit and watch Ralphie and his debauchery for 24 hours straight when the infamous marathon comes on... just like I do every single year! Happy Holidays!)

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Outfits iLove.

Bee of Atlantic-Pacific is one of my faves. Her outfits are always stunning.

 (pics courtesy of atlantic-pacific.blogspot.com)

Wendy of Wendy's Lookbook, a blog that I recently stumbled upon... and I'm glad I did.

 (pics courtesy of www.wendyslookbook.com)

new must-see sites.

(pics courtesy of werelse.com and fashionquad.com)

 I just found out about this new site. Werelse is the result of three well-known fashion bloggers coming together in order to create a unique mecca for online fashion. Right now they are only offering limited edition Tees. But, we'll keep an eye on this site to see how it progresses!


The styles that make up this collection are effortlessly classic, sleek and have a certain touch of rustic minimalism. While the clothes are reminiscent of the past, there is something equally futuristic about them too. This means that you will be able to pass these "vintage" pieces down to your children and grandchildren and be assured that they will be the most "fashion-forward" kids around (that is, if and when you're ready to give them up). 
Visit the website here.

(pics courtesy of www.shop-nowhere.com)

Happy shopping!



Thursday, November 17, 2011

Charity Event!

Caramel boutique will be hosting a charity event tonight, Thursday, November 17th from 6 - 9 PM. You will be able to network, purchase work from local artists, enjoy live music, and bid on an array of items including gift certificates, hotel staycations, Georgetown Cupcakes (yummy!), beauty services, and jewelry, among other items. More importantly, you will be able meet and chat with representatives from Loaves and Fishes, the beneficiary of this 2nd annual event. Loaves and Fishes is an organization that serves the hungry and homeless on weekends and major holidays. Hope you can check it out : )

LOCATION: Caramel, 1603 U Street, NW Washington, DC

(pics courtesy of Caramel Boutique)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I know, I know... I really shouldn't be posting this. She's had enough publicity for the past three months. In spite of her failed "marriage" and all the rumors of diabolical capitalism surrounding her wedding, we can't deny her beauty on the cover Haute Muse.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I. Want.

It's definitely about time for a few more pairs of jeans... I'm looking for comfort, versatility, and above all quality. These are the jeans I have my eyes on for my next shopping binge:

Nudie Jeans and yes, they're "men's." However, these jeans can look great on women too! This eco-conscious company makes quality denim and also has a vested interest in philanthropy. Check out their jeans and their amazing Human Rights Gallery

Every girl needs a pair of J Brands... right? I would love this pair of Mid-Rise Skinny Leg velvet pants in sapphire blue and the Low-Rise Pencil Leg jeans in terra cotta. 

this video makes me very happy!

Monday, November 14, 2011

My new earrings from hushboutique.com. I went to a spa and style social over the weekend and they were selling selected items from this online store. I had never heard of them before but they have a lot of cute clothes and accessories. Check them out!

Jimmy Choo Exclusive Preview

If you're in the DC area, meet me at this event! Jimmy Choo and Hela Salon and Spa are teaming up for charity. Jimmy Choo is launching its Cruise 2012 Collection. If you purchase a pair of shoes, you will receive a coupon for a complimentary 30-minute Red Flower foot scrub. AND a portion of the proceeds will benefit the Libby Ross Foundation!

Versace x H&M

H&M isn't one of my favorite stores (gasp!), even in spite of the many collaborations it's had with dozens of leading designers. However, I am really looking forward to seeing what Donatella Versace and her team have put together for this collabo. Rumi and Bryan Boy (two of my favorite fashion bloggers) have already shown some pieces on their blogs. They look "runway exotic" but tame enough to be wearable, which is what I love. You can always count on Versace to be unashamedly bold, sexy, and edgy in their delivery. 

The collection is available in the USA on Friday, the 19th : )

courtesy of fashiontoast.com

courtesy of bryanboy.com

courtesy of bryanboy.com 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Few Fashion Staples for Fall

It's finally getting cold and I absolutely love it! Cold weather means cute jackets and (faux) fur coats, beautiful scarves and hats, and a reason to wear oversized boots. Not to mention all of the wonderful layering that can be done when its cold. I love layering. 

Take a look at the fashion picks I think every woman should have in her closet as we approach the holiday season:

1. A blue and/or a black blazer. Under it, wear a blouse, a turtle neck, or a simple, good-quality tee (I spotted a great one last weekend in the Rag & Bone in Georgetown) and you'll instantly look put together. Now that it's chilly, add a scarf and a few pieces of statement jewelry and you're done. It doesn't take much to make a classic blazer look nice. Erika Marie of Fashion Chalet knows how to rock a blazer. 

2. Two or three pairs of good, black tights. So. Essential. They go with just about anything AND keep your legs warm. Throw in some with patterns... Stripes and floral prints are always sexy.

courtesy of Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast

courtesy of DulceCandy.com

3. We all have a pair of the quintessential snow boots. I've seen thousands of UGGS in my day. But do you have a good pair of "rugged" boots? If not, go hunting for some (and let me know what you find)! They are stylish, even  the ones who have the "already worn" feel, they keep your feet from freezing, and can easily be dressed up or down. Easily a new staple for your closet. Here's some inspiration:

courtesy of The Satorialist

courtesy of fashiontoast.com

courtesy of fashion toast.com

(btw, I die for that white Rag&Bone vest!)