Monday, August 16, 2010


Summer's almost over but I want to share with you two books that were a part of my summer reading list: I'm Down by Mishna Wolff and Pretty Little Dirty by Amanda Boyden. They are comical and light-hearted,yet eye opening books that can be read simply for relaxation. The best way to get your mind off of the stuff happening in your life is to delve into someone else's drama... (of course this should not apply in real life) You can read more about the books below!

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The first book, I'm Down, is the memoir of Mishna Wolff, who was apparently an extremely awkward White girl who grew up in a predominantly Black neighborhood. The book chronicles her journey through her younger years as she struggles with her self-identity and tries to find a place (or group of people) to call "home." This book is truly HILARIOUS and very well written. It also opens your eyes to the commonalities of Whites and Blacks in America provoking the larger question: What does it really mean to be American?

The second book, Pretty Little Dirty, is a little more serious but equally enjoyable. The main character, who grew up in a less than perfect living situation (to say the least), lives in the shadow of her "perfect" best friend and her "perfect" family. The two teenage girls try to find their individual identities as they explore the dangerous worlds art and love.

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