Friday, January 13, 2012

"new" pics

Here are some pics I took with my vintage camera that I JUST got developed ... even though they were taken during the summer of 2011... Procrastination at its best!! They're from a random day walking around downtown DC and from my short, yet beautiful vacation in Phoenix, AZ. These pics bring about a certain feeling of nostalgia and a yearning for flirty summer romances and those lazy, care-free days... You know, the ones where absolutely anything goes and you have nothing on your mind except maybe what restaurant you'll try out for dinner or what flavor macaroon you'll eat for dessert. 

Let's remind ourselves to have more of these types of days, shall we?


  1. I saw the pics of the mountains and immediately thought AZ. I lived in Phoenix for three years and absolutely loved it there. Even going to Sky Harbor at 1AM and the temperature being 101 degrees!

  2. haha! Phoenix/Sedona are beautiful! I had such a great time there and have amazing memories from those places :)