Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lady GaGa

Weirdo or Fashionista? Inspiration or Fashion Disaster?

There is no doubt that 23 year old Lady GaGa, aka Stefani Germanotta, has had one hell of a year. Her record sales over the past two years speak volumes about her quick rise to international fame. In addition to her music, she is known for eccentric performances and a crazy fashion sense. With each appearance, she boldly makes her presence known. Some would call her a trend setter while others would simply say she is weird and that her outrageous costumes create a persona... a long lasting publicity stunt more or less. One thing that I think we can all agree on is the fact that she isn't afraid to be unconventional.

After all, what is fashion anyway? What is style? It is a form of expression, an art form that is your own. So who am I, or anyone else, to call Lady GaGa weird or crazy for her choice of outfits. It just wouldn't be logical because "normalcy," especially in the world of fashion, doesn't exist. You should dress in a way that represents you: your feelings, your mood, your values etc. Your clothes are your brushes, different styles being your paint, your body is your canvas and the world, your personal museum. Art.

Take notes from Lady GaGa, and dare to be your own person : )

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