Friday, February 5, 2010

What NOT to Wear... Anymore.

(pics/videos coming soon)

Spotted: people who don't know what the word "unique" means... Here are a list of fashion combos that I've been seeing waaayyy too much of. I've also asked my readers what fashion trends they would like to see R.I.P. Here's the list... And take notes please. Yes, I'm talking to you.Bold

  • UGGS and Leggings (coupled with any of the following: oversized sweatshirts, flannel shirts, or button-ups. also, uggs and miniskirts are unacceptable as well, no matter the season)

  • SUPER Skinny jeans/pants on boys: Men, there is a difference between fitted jeans and your sister's pair of skinny jeans. I think that jeans that are too tight should be worn by girls. Let's face it, we look better in super tight jeans : ) AND... I am so over seeing boys wearing skinny/fitted jeans and letting them sag... What's the point in getting jeans that are fitted if you are going to have them hanging off your butt? hmmm...

  • Too Much Layering: Layering is fun, especially in the winter and can be very stylish. EXCEPT, when you take it too far. Too many layers is distracting. Pick 2 - 3. Don't go overboard. (And please, not TOO many different prints)

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