Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Lesson on Boys and Girls

This post doesn't have much to do with fashion, fitness or beauty but it is definitely food for thought. A few days ago, my fellow blogger Trey asked his followers on twitter, in what sense does a female mature faster than a male? Here's my response:

Not only do females physically mature faster, they also do so on a mental and an emotional level.

Women are naturally the more nurturing sex. Our "traditional" and biological role is that of a caregiver. So we become more responsible earlier in life. Or, we may be EXPECTED to be more responsible earlier in life. Either way, it produces the same result. If you think back to your younger years, girls generally learn to follow directions must faster than boys... They're also potty trained much faster than boys. Hmmm...

Also, because men are not the naturally nurturing type, they can be a little more selfish than women are and unable to see and think outside of themselves. Some men grow out of this selfish state, and others don't (and I can name a few....)

Women seem to be more in touch with their emotions and are generally able to communicate them better. This may translate to being more mature but that's up for debate.

Now of course, there are ALWAYS EXCEPTIONS. Some women are just as immature or even more immature than most men. For me, I've learned the hard way that a lot of men at this age (20-24) won't be ready to settle down or be serious about relationships, careers, etc. Their minds are on other things.

Here's to being patient!


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