Saturday, July 17, 2010

My Green Tea Ritual

For years we've known that certain herbal teas are good for you. They speed up your metabolism, fill your body with antioxidants, and have a natural calming effect. I've decided to experience the joys of tea for myself and to see if it actually makes a difference. So far, so good!

(1) Relax: After a long day, I heat up some water and brew a cup of Tazo Green Tea. It is infused with chamomile and spearmint to add extra flavor. It tastes great as is, without sugar, milk or lemon.

(2) Soothe: I leave about 1/3 of the green tea in the cup before going to sleep. The next morning, I use it to soothe puffy eyes or to tone my skin. After cleansing, take 2-3 cotton balls and dab them in the tea. Rub the moistened cotton balls over your face for instant toning and a refreshed look. Trust me, you'll notice a major difference!

(3) Bathe: Save the tea bag for a relaxing bath later on that night. Run warm bath water and throw the tea bag in, letting it steep. The aroma of a tea bath is super calming and does wonders for your skin! (add a little almond milk for moisture)

Here are my favorite brands of teas: and

Happy drinking  : )

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