Thursday, December 16, 2010

Head in the clouds... painting my dreams on the sky.

I live in a fantasy world.

Last night, a good friend and I were talking on the phone. We usually talk for hours upon hours about nothing, but on occassions our convos get pretty deep. Last night was one of those occassions. We started out describing how we would want our weddings to pan out. Of course my vision was grandiose, and perhaps a little unrealistic. Oh, and I want my perfect, unrealistic wedding to happen in about 4 years.

After laughing at my seemingly childish proposal, he said to me, "Don't expect so much all the time because you'll only be let down."
It's logical and at one point, I reluctantly admit, I had the same thought process. BUT... when life doesnt necessarily work out the way we want it to or plan for it to, which is most likely more often than not, what else do we have but our dreams

You don't get that dream job you applied for. The person you thought was different turns out to be exactly the same. Your parents constantly annoy you. And your dog continues to chew up your heels.

(Yes, I'm venting.)

So when he made that comment I answered, "That's no way to live... my elaborate, hopeful daydreams are what put me to sleep at night."

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