Tuesday, April 26, 2011

my "new" camera

I bought this "vintage" Minolta camera from a local camera shop. 

(Is 1982 too recent to be considered vintage? I'm going to say yes, only because I wasn't born too long after that... Wow, time flies.)

Anyway, I bought this camera for about 50 bucks only to find out that my dad had a similar model at home, hidden away in one of the downstairs closets. Luckily, it wasn't the exact same camera so I didn't feel too bad. Plus, my dad had kept his nice leather camera case from 80s along with his Minolta and two other lenses. And now, they're all mine : )

Here's a couple of the pics I took with my first roll of film. 

A picnic at Jordan Lake. North Carolina. 

I adore these cowboy boots. 

At home. 

The love of my life, Louie. And my foot. And my slippers.

Where I can go to escape. 

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