Sunday, June 26, 2011

Time for a new blazer?

Last week I was in downtown DC shopping. In Zara I saw this beautiful bright pink blazer (for $99, which I thought was a bit much for Zara). I contemplated getting it because the color was so bold and the cut was really nice. But I was hesitant. I tend to be pretty conservative with how much "pop of color" I want in my outfits. Usually it's a blue or yellow clutch or a pink heel or a colorful shirt undermined by a black or white blazer. Something noticeable, but not TOO noticeable. This pink blazer I wanted to get would definitely be noticeable.

Then I saw this on Fashion Chalet while blog surfing...

How beautiful is this blazer? Erika Marie, the blogger pictured above, always takes risks with her pairing of certain colors and prints. Maybe I can use a lesson in pushing the boundaries of my wardrobe color palette. 

So on second thought, a pink blazer.... why not?? Plus... online, the prices of Zara's pink blazers have been reduced! 

The one on the left is now $79 instead of $99 and the one on the right is $59.

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  1. I love your pink blazer!