Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Few Fashion Staples for Fall

It's finally getting cold and I absolutely love it! Cold weather means cute jackets and (faux) fur coats, beautiful scarves and hats, and a reason to wear oversized boots. Not to mention all of the wonderful layering that can be done when its cold. I love layering. 

Take a look at the fashion picks I think every woman should have in her closet as we approach the holiday season:

1. A blue and/or a black blazer. Under it, wear a blouse, a turtle neck, or a simple, good-quality tee (I spotted a great one last weekend in the Rag & Bone in Georgetown) and you'll instantly look put together. Now that it's chilly, add a scarf and a few pieces of statement jewelry and you're done. It doesn't take much to make a classic blazer look nice. Erika Marie of Fashion Chalet knows how to rock a blazer. 

2. Two or three pairs of good, black tights. So. Essential. They go with just about anything AND keep your legs warm. Throw in some with patterns... Stripes and floral prints are always sexy.

courtesy of Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast

courtesy of

3. We all have a pair of the quintessential snow boots. I've seen thousands of UGGS in my day. But do you have a good pair of "rugged" boots? If not, go hunting for some (and let me know what you find)! They are stylish, even  the ones who have the "already worn" feel, they keep your feet from freezing, and can easily be dressed up or down. Easily a new staple for your closet. Here's some inspiration:

courtesy of The Satorialist

courtesy of

courtesy of fashion

(btw, I die for that white Rag&Bone vest!)

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