Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Carey Mulligan and her bra

As I admired Carey's photo on the January 2012 cover of W Mag, I was a little envious of the Nina Ricci cotton bra she's wearing. Not only does it look like she's getting pretty good support, the bra is so fashionable and sexy!

I take a lot of time nowadays picking out the perfect dress, heels, or pair of jeans. But I don't spend much time picking out my unmentionables. The $5 for $25 deal at Victoria's Secret always works out well for me. But now that I'm a year older (I just celebrated my bday on the December 15th!), I feel like I need to step it up in the unmentionable department (one of my new year's resolutions). Not necessarily for a special someone, but for the sake of a mature, sexy, quality wardrobe all around. So, here's my wishlist, underwear edition.... basically it's Chantelle's entire Fall/Winter 2011 Collection.

The Eternelle Set in black (above)

The Masculin Feminin Set in cappuccino (below)  

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