Tuesday, July 31, 2012

fashion x home decor

Fashion and home decor definitely go hand in hand. I will be moving in about a week and am super excited about decorating my first apartment! So much so that I've been losing sleep over what color curtains I'll purchase and whether my dining room table will be wood or glass. A little much? Possibly, but there really is nothing like moving into your first place! 

My original idea for my apartment's color scheme was to go with light neutrals and bold golds with coral and/or pink accents. The fashion gods confirmed my plan. I was so inspired when I saw Alexandre Vauthier's Couture 2012 collection. Now I have a pretty good idea of how I will want my apartment to look. Take a look at some of the pieces from his collection and some corresponding photos of some beautiful homes decorated in whites and golds. (These outfits also remind me of Great Britain's 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony outfits, no?)


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