Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hey world!

So right now I'm in Baltimore, MD for the weekend for a family reunion. It's been a lot of fun, especially shopping/walking around along the Baltimore harbor (and spending time with my family... of course)!!

But... after being in Durham, NC for three years, it was almost a culture shock to be back in the area and experience the unique fashion of B-more... I am originally from the DC area which has a totally different vibe from B-more (fashion, music, accents/slang, etc.) but I would definitely love to explore the B-more area more than I have in the past... Which is why I'll be attending Baltimore fashion week in August... If any of you are interested, it's coming up soon so check it out! I know I'll be there : )

Visit the site for more info:

Baltimore Fashion Week at The Baltimore Museum of Industry

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