Saturday, September 18, 2010

Beauty 360

Last night, I attended the Mocktinis and Lashes event at Beauty 360 (Connecticut Ave) hosted by Uptown Girl Entertainment. The set up was lovely and the staff extremely welcoming, but I have to begrudgingly admit, tickets should have cost more like $10-$20 instead of $35. There were tons of cupcakes and chocolates but no product samples. There were eyelash applications but no "expert" advice on makeup/skincare/etc., (even though my MUA, Shayla was very pleasant). I overheard one of the guests complaining about the lack of things to do at the event, asking the host, "Is this it?" I hung around for an hour, waiting for more people to show up, before deciding it was time to go.

On the bright side, the "mocktini" was delish, the store itself offered an array of top-of-the-line products (I will highlight one in an upcoming post), and ticket sales went to a great cause (GWFCC). I guess that makes the time and money spent worth it.

Pics below!


Alessandra : )

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Guests were greeted with a table full of goodies. I had a pink cupcake. It was wonderful!

After walking around a little bit, Shayla, an esthetician and MUA offered to apply my first pair of fake lashes. I chose the ones on the right. To my surprise, they looked really natural! I'll definitely be wearing them over again, but only for a special occasion. I can't imagine wearing them all the time.

Before last night, I had never heard of this company. While browsing, I found this AMAZING liquid eyeshadow in hot pink. And when I tried it on all I could say was (in the words of Rachel Zoe), "I die." Not only was the color great but it has moisturizing properties so your eyelids aren't dried out by the end of the night.  
Guests receiving eyelash/makeup applications (right) and a mini-manicure (left)

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