Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My Southwestern Fashion Finds

It wouldn't be a vacation without a little bit of shopping, right? To my surprise, during my recent trip to Arizona, my fashion find was not in downtown Phoenix or at the Biltmore Fashion Park. It was hiding in a small mom and pop shop in the quaint town of Sedona (uptown). In the midst of all of the shops selling tons and tons of Native-American inspired jewelry and dreamcatchers (and you'll see PLENTY of those store types) was a store called Joe Wilcox Western Wear specializing in Southwestern apparel. This is where I picked up these boots:

I can't wait to wear them!!! 

Besides the boots, I picked up some friendship bracelets and this really unique cuff, all of which were imported from Africa. These I got from a small but beautiful shop in old town Scottsdale. 

Please visit their site, they have some gorgeous (and authentic) African and traditional Southwestern pieces of art, jewelry, pottery, home decor, etc.! 

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